Olive Pythons

Normal, Het and Albino Olives

We have kept Olive pythons for over 10 years and this year we hope to produce Albino Olive Pythons as well as Het Albino Olive Pythons. Olive Pythons are well natured but can get...

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Green Tree Pythons

Native and Unknown Locale

Green Tree Pythons have been part of the collection for over 10 years, they are stunning animals and are always on display. The green tree python is characterized by a relatively...

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Woma Pythons

Rockhampton Downs, Tanami

Rockhampton Downs Woma Pythons!! Adults average 1.5 m (4.5 feet) in total length. The head is narrow and the eyes small. The body is broad and flattish in profile while the tail...

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Carpet Pythons

Jags, Zebras, Granites, Albino and Locale Specific

Zebra, Jag, Granite, Axanthic and Albino Carpet Pythons!! Morelia spilota is a large species of python in the genus Morelia, reaching between 2 to 4 metres (6.6 to 13 ft) in...

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Genetics (Common Terms)

Below are some common terms and their meanings you will probably come across throughout the site and also when discussing morphs in general.

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Genetics (Simple Recessive)

Simple recessive traits are proven, inheritable genes that are only visible in their homozygous form.

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Genetics (Co-Dominant/Dominant)

Genetic inheritance of co-dominant genes works in essentially the same manner as genetic inheritance in simple recessive genes,

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